This Easter Monday was another major milestone for me. Tony Achmat came back from Sri Lanka with an envelope full of wonderful Zentangle images for the Value Anatomy cards and books. They depict symbolic animals for each section – 7 major ones and 49 minor. And they are amazing!

I unpacked them in front of my Easter guests, our friend George and his eight-year-old son William. We had one of the most encouraging and enlightening conversations ever. William was able not only to instantly identify the animals but also to come up with wonderful associations about their particular traits. I showed him the gigantic spreadsheet and he crawled on the floor studying it. Then he turned to me and said “What a creative idea!” I don’t think I’ve ever received a better compliment.

As he was leaving, I said “I might need you for some more consulting.” He didn’t miss a beat and replied “I’m available after four every day except Tuesdays.” I think we just found our youngest team member.